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Re: [wtp-dev] Programmatically setting up projects for JSDT

Hi Matthias,

Check out the class in the org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.web.core plugin. It's doing almost exactly what you've described. JsWebNature is the helper class that performs JSDT setup on dynamic/static web projects.

Brad Childs

IBM Software Group
Emerging Internet Technology / Browser Technology Center
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[wtp-dev] Programmatically setting up projects for JSDT

I have problems with setting up JSDT projects programmatically.  
Currently, I'm adding libraries to the include path using this code:

    IJavaScriptProject jp = _javascript_Core.create( project );
    List<IIncludePathEntry> cp = new ArrayList<IIncludePathEntry>();
    cp.add( _javascript_Core.newSourceEntry( project.getFullPath() ) );
( _javascript_Core
.newContainerEntry( JavaRuntime.newDefaultJREContainerPath() ) );
    cp.add( _javascript_Core.newContainerEntry( new  
Path( "org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.USER_LIBRARY/myQx" ),
                                              false ) );
    IPath outputLocation = project.getFolder( "bin" ).getFullPath();
    jp.setRawIncludepath( cp.toArray( new  
IIncludePathEntry[ cp.size() ] ),
                          monitor );

However, I don't see how to add an existing system library.  
Specifically, I'd like to add the ECMA 3 library to my include path  
for a testcase for bug
But trying to add a library entry using new  
Path( "org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.launching.baseBrowserLibrary" ) in any of  
the static methods _javascript_Core provides failed so far.

I've also tried to just copy the .settings/ directory from an existing  
project to my newly created project, then refresh and reread it, but  
without success.

Are there some API calls that I can call to create a web based  
_javascript_ project?

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