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[wtp-dev] Please help me stop the context menu abuse


I just opened and against 
WebTools and Dali.

It is about them adding "project enablement" menu items to the context menu. This should be banned by law! :)

I know it is late in the game, but I honestly believe it is important we try and stop the "random adding" to the context menu.

In JBoss Tools we have done these things by instead putting them under Properties but I realize that just moves the issue to the profileration of project properties.

So I actually did not have a better suggestion until today where I realized that Eclipse has this nice "Project" menu which fits perfectly for these kind of operations and we actually already have "Convert to a dynamic web project..." in there.

I suggest that we push for getting such "project enablement" items moved to that menu instead and maybe even create a "Enable >" sub menu under it.

WDYT ? If this is the wrong list to push this then please let me know where else to push to get this into Eclipse 3.4 and not wait another year... ;)


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