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[wtp-dev] Declaring WTP 3.0 M7: S-3.0M7-20080506040630

Declaring WTP 3.0 M7 : S-3.0M7-20080506040630

Take a look at the
New and Noteworthy for a list of interesting changes made in M7

Please see
FVT test results for details and notes made by developers while testing this build.

Please note that the all-in-one,
Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers - M7, is scheduled to be available on Monday, 5/12,
as will be the Ganymede update site.

Committers and early testers: Please give the Ganymede staging site a try as well as the latest, early, all-in-one version and report problems as appropriate.

Don't forget to install (and use) our XSL Incubator - M7 and report problems to them as well.

Cool stuff!

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