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[wtp-dev] Help with ProxyAuthenticator


I am new to WTP and seeking for a pointer in the right direction for solving my current problem.  I am developing a feature which allows users to access web pages from within Eclipse.  If access to a page requires basic authentication, a popup dialog will show and prompt users for the username and password.  I am aware that the InternetPlugin has a ProxyAuthenticator which also prompts users for the username and password.  However, I would like to use my own way to prompt users for the information because there are additional handlings (e.g. I would like to save the username and password so that users can edit them later).  Other parts of my application uses WTP, and the Internet plugin is in an internal package.  It seems I cannot swap the ProxyAuthenticator in and out.  The version of WTP I am using is 1.5.0.

Any help is deeply appreciated.


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