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[wtp-dev] Exception when deploying project to Tomcat from Eclipse

Hi. I could use some assistance with the following problem:

“Could not publish server configuration: null. java.lang.NullPointerException” when deploying a project to Tomcat.



1. Create new server based on Tomcat 5.5 runtime

2. Choose a single project to deploy on this server

2. Rename server, check “Serve modules without publishing” and “Publish module contexts to separate XML files”.

3. File + Save

4. Close file and click OK to rename configuration files to match new server name.

5. Try to run the server – causes the error when it attempts to publish



- Tomcat 5.5

- Eclipse


Things that did not fix the problem:

1. unchecking “Publish module contexts to separate XML files”

2. clean the server

3. clean the workspace

4. restart Eclipse

5. try Tomcat 6.x runtime

6. delete and recreate the servers

7. delete and recheckout the project, then re-add to server

8. rebuild entire workspace

9. bang head against desk


Temporary workaround:

- Uncheck the “Serve modules without publishing” checkbox – don’t want to do this as it messes with a servlet filter we’ve written (which may be an issue on our part).


Things that did fix the problem:

1. Rename the entire project and web application – don’t want to do this, though, since it puts me out of sync with the rest of the team. After a few weeks, the problem mysteriously reappeared. It seems to be intermittent. If renaming the project and web app fixed it, maybe it’s related to some kind of caching problem.


Is anyone else having this problem?

- Yes, one other person. The other team members seem to be running ok.


A google search turned up this link (, but everything looks ok on our server.xml. I could provide this if needed.




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