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Re: [wtp-dev] Ganymede migration docs for WTP ?


FYI I recorded all the issues I bumped into while migrating.

That resulted in the following jira for it which 
includes both public and internal API chanages.

I added the public eclipse platform issues here:

and the 1.5 issue i found in WTP at:


>> Max,
>> Which areas do you think are missing information?  As the page says, "
>> Adopters: if you run into trouble or notice things that are not covered
>> here, please let us know (wtp-dev@xxxxxxxxxxxx is a good place)."
>> So, please, tell us.
> I'll let you know.
> But I can inform you that last time I tried adjusting for Ganymede (around M4 I think)
> I had a tons (thousands) of compile/build errors.
> Now it's down to 91 (yay! :)... probably most likely caused by internal api usage which we
> unfortunatly have been required to use for one reason or another.
> I'm collecting notes for my migration and will let you know.
> /max
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