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[wtp-dev] WTP 3.0 M7 issues needing assessment

Hi Team,

We'll be entering M7 test week next week and have a few issues outstanding for M7.  Please take a look at the below issues and assess.  Thank you!

3.0 M7 critical/blocker Bugs
  • What is the current status for these bugs?
  • Will they prevent M7 from exiting next week?
    227501 blo P3 Wind pmoogk@xxxxxxxxxx NEW Tur3.4: Error when start server for webservice in Turkish locale.
    225022 cri P3 Wind karen.moore@xxxxxxxxxx ASSI deadlock closing edited orm.xml file
    225802 cri P3 Wind cbridgha@xxxxxxxxxx NEW TranslatorResource unloaded when edited file is closed without saving, deadlock can result

3.0 Untargeted 3.0 blockers/criticals
  • Can these pls be assessed and then triaged?
  • Are they critical to our current M7 exit?
    227887 blo P3 Wind jst-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx NEW Bidi3.4: Cannot run a JSP page with an arabic name, and putted in a project with arabic name
    228366 cri P3 Wind nitind@xxxxxxxxxx NEW Thai3.4:Eclipse invalid recognized UTF16BE as ISO 8859-1 for generated JSP file
    228472 cri P3 Wind wst.common-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx NEW RuntimeManger returns wrong runtime server

In addition, there are currently ~104 M7 targeted bugs, with M7 going into testing phase next week.  Can you pls assess and assign these bugs to the appropriate milestone.  Thanks!"">

Thank  you!


Helen Zhang
Release Engineer, Project Manager
Rational Architecture Management Project Management Office
Eclipse Webtools Platform (WTP)

IBM Toronto Software Lab | 8200 Warden Ave. | Markham | L6G 1C7
Email: hjzhang@xxxxxxxxxx | Phone: 905-413-3443 | T/L: 969-3443

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