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Re: [wtp-dev] WTP integration in the IAM project proposal


      I chatted with Rob Frost (who made this change) - the API breakage
was unintentional.  Can you please open a Bugzilla for this problem,
marking it as appropiate (it appears that you want this treated as a
blocking problem), and we will get this resolved as soon as possible.
(Unfortunately, at this late of a stage in 3.0 development, we have some
hurdles to jump, since technically we froze API at the end of M6, but since
we broke Public API with this change, we should be able to get this change
through the approval process.)


- Carl Anderson
WTP programmer

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Hello guys,

We at the
IAM (Integration for Apache Maven)  project proposal have developed some
working integration with WTP for web projects.

As you know, maven proposes a model where the project descriptor has all
information for building, packaging, etc... Our initial integration effort
will focus on applying the configuration described on this file to  the
Eclipse/WTP environment.

Current WTP support has been developed for WTP 2.0 on top of the facet
framework and utility classes like UpdateClasspathAttributeUtil.

Implementation is quite simple and,

available for browsing the project's svn :

When testing against the 3.0 milestones, we've noticed some API changes
break our current implementation (most notably, method signature changes on
UpdateClasspathAttributeUtil.createDependencyAttribute()) :

I would like open a communication channel between IAM and WTP to enhance
current integration.

Our first round of questions:
  - Would it be possible to keep UpdateClasspathAttributeUtil backwards
compatible? (i.e. a version with a a single parameter calling the new
version with a default value for "isClassFolder", probably using "false")
  - What are the best places to start looking to automate Java EE project
configuration? (i.e. configuring facets)
  - Is there support for automatic deployment of projects referenced
a Classpath Container? For example, for webapps, have the compiled classes
of dependent projects deployed under WEB-INF/classes. Pointers to extension
points or "hooks" on the deployment process would also be useful.

IAM Newsgroup:
Q4E is the initial code contribution for IAM:

Abel Muiño.

----- Abel Mui&ntilde;o Vizcaino  -
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