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[wtp-dev] Procedure and proposed procedure change for identifying contributions to WTP

As you all know, it's that time of year we need to make sure our IP Logs are in order.
One part of that, is to have a list of all non-committers who have contributed to the release.
(Well, committers too ... but, that's a different list).

We've done this in the past with various "automatic" queries, but I'd like to change that,
so we use the "contribution" keyword. The reason for this change is that as the project
gets larger and more complex, it's hard to trust the auto queries completely, and using
the keyword puts the control in the hands of the committer who committed the code.
Plus, it's easy and quick to query for a keyword ... not so easy to do our current queries.

But, automatic queries can and will always play a role ... but, they will be more "backup" and
"double checking" than the definitive list.

So, unless there's quick objections or anyone wants to discuss more, let's get started.

If I had to guess right now, the following table will be our list of Contributors to WTP 3.0.
So, FIRST .... be sure to tell me if I'm messed up already and anyone listed there is actually
a committer!  The queries I used were part automatic, part "manual" so silly errors
can creep in.

This table was derived from a larger table, that table queries bugzilla and selects
bugs that have a "patch attachment" in it, that is not marked obsolete, and filtered partially
by dates and partially by target milestone. That larger table can be seen, for now, at

So, SECOND, take a look at that table and see if any important contributions seem
to be missing. If so, send me a note and I'll see if something's wrong with my script.
(For example, I hope I'm not picking ones that were marked obsolete! instead of the

The biggest thing to look for are omissions .... those are the worst sort of error to make
here, and the hardest to spot.

THIRD, if I hear no objections, I'll take the results from this automatic query, and mark each of them
with a "contribution" keyword. And a query based on _that_ will be our official list for this release.
This script will evolve just to be a sanity check on our book keeping.

And FOURTH from then on, any of you can fix up and/or change at any time ... well, up until our review
at least :)

        A. To add a known contribution that wasn't picked up, simply add the contribution keyword,
and make sure the milestone target is one that indicates it went into WTP 3.0. (or, JSF 2.0 or Dali 2.0).

        B. To remove something that is automatically being detected as a contribution, but isn't, means
you have to mark the patch as "obsolete", with a comment such as "this patch wasn't used" or similar,
as well as remove the contribution keyword that I may have added in bulk.
I think this automatic query is fairly accurate, but think we can do better. And, I really feel the "final word" needs
to be in the hands of the Committers. Plus, having the keyword, in the future, will help
to have a better "running record" of what contributions went into each milestone, etc., instead of waiting
until the end.  

Naturally, if anyone sees their contribution is not being counted, they are free to raise this
question to find out why. A note to me (or any PMC member or Project Lead) is fine if it feels like some "private question",
but if not sensitive, feel free to open a bug or ask here on these lists.

BTW, for this purpose, the size of the contribution doesn't matter ... could be 2 lines, could be 1000 ...
but does have to be actual code that went into the release, even really good ideas explained
in pseudo code doesn't count. This list is for IP pedigree, not so much to recognize all the other ways
that people make valuable contributions (e.g. good tests cases to reproduce a tough bug!).

I'm sure questions will come up, I'll help if I can.


Number of patches
gilberta{at} Gilbert Andrews 12
gindik{at} Gabriel Indik 16
trungha{at} Trung 16
nsandona{at} Nick Sandonato 19
sengpl{at} Seng Phung Lu 2
jgorner{at} Joshua Gorner 4
d_a_carver{at} Dave Carver 8
jacek.pospychala{at} Jacek Pospychala 1
makandre{at} Andrew Mak 15
lit{at} Tianchao Li 1
zina{at} Zina 3
remy.suen{at} Remy Chi Jian Suen 1
ericdp{at} Eric D. Peters 18
h.hristov{at} Hristo Hristov 3
yavor.vasilev.boyadzhiev{at} Yavor Boyadzhiev 2
ramanday{at} Raj Mandayam 1
ictewksb{at} Ian Tewksbury 4
jzhang{at} Jim Zhang 2
eugene{at} Eugene Ostroukhov 3
kelvinhc{at} Kelvin Cheung 1
randallt{at} Randall Theobald 2
larinac{at} Larina Cheung 7
stefan.dimov{at} Stefan Dimov 3
Eric.Norman{at} Eric Norman 1
jasonpet{at} Jason Peterson 3
achim.huegen{at} Achim 1
petya.sabeva{at} Petya Sabeva 4
caitlina{at} Caitlin Andrews 5
rob.stryker{at} Rob Stryker 4
nagrawal{at} Neeraj Agrawal 3
shiratori.tomo{at} Tomoki Shiratori 1
mat.fuessel{at} Matthias Fuessel 5
dmgloss{at} Vadim Dmitriev 1
debajit.adhikary{at} Debajit Adhikary 1
pascal.filion{at} Pascal Filion 26
d.dimitrov{at} Dimiter Dimitrov 3

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