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Fw: [wtp-dev] Eclipse Web Service Client

Hi Motaz,

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Note that there's an active bug for the unable to select port problem:


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[wtp-dev] Eclipse Web Service Client


I am trying to apply procedures in the link below

to Create Bottom Up Web Service via Apache Axis2. My question is what is the difference between the following port names: SOAP12port_http and Httpport. I created 2 clients in 2 separate project. The first client for SOAP12port_http, and the second SOAP12port_http. I note there is no difference between them!, the generated clients stub code for both ports are identical!

my understanding is that SOAP12port_http means the binding is SOAP v1.2 over http, and Httpport is REST web service!. is that right?

Could any one clarify the difference between SOAP12port_http and Httpport.

Motaz K. Saad
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