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[wtp-dev] WTP Server Dialog in 3.3.2?

(If there is a better wtp- list for this question, I apologize in advance but pmc and releng didn't have much in the way of description).

Hi, I have an existing Tomcat 5.5 instance that I would like to use as my servlet container for doing work in the Java EE perspective.  When I go to "New -> Server" in the Servers view, the dialog does not have anything populated for application servers -- there are only "basic types" which are HTTP and app-server agnostic.

Does anybody know why this is the case?  The current Europa EE release has app server types for Tomcat, JBOSS, etc. and I believe some commercial ones.  If ATF is built on top of WTP, did I somehow disable the app-server support?
Are there are any plans to allow ATF to be installed as plugins over the Europa EE build so both will work -- or better, something I am noobing with the regular ATF release?!


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