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[wtp-dev] Introducing a new member of the WTP PMC: Kaloyan Raev

It is my pleasure to announce that Kaloyan Raev has accepted our invitation to join our WTP PMC and continue his expanding his role in WTP.

Kaloyan has been a committer in the Eclipse Web Tools Platform project for roughly a year. He is working for SAP Labs Bulgaria, in the SAP NetWeaver division. After years of working on core modules of the SAP NetWeaver Application Server, he is now aligning the Java EE tools of NetWeaver Studio with the Eclipse WTP project.

In addition to his commitment to the jeetools and ejbtools sub-projects, where he's provided many enhancements and bug fixes, especially in the area of improved wizards and JEE 5 support, Kaloyan also volunteered to take over the running and reporting of our performance tests (which I assured him would only be a few hours per week, and which are now almost working, after months of work! :). But, the point is, it shows his willingness and commitment to the health of the whole WTP project and not just one specific area.

In addition, Kaloyan will become the formal Project lead of the ejbtools sub-project. Naci Dai, the former lead, will remain on the WTP PMC, continuing with his Education focus -- improving and organizing WTP educational materials.

Kaloyan has chosen to make User Experience to be his focus role on the PMC, and will provide the much needed leadership in this important area.

So, please join me in congratulating (and thanking!) Kaloyan for taking on this new responsibility. His joining the PMC will improve our WTP management diversity, which is critical for the long term success of WTP.

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