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Re: [wtp-dev] Piggy backing onto a wizard?

Thanks, David.  Please see inline below.

David M Williams wrote:


Eventually this sounds like a question for the DTP project, since you refer to the JDBC Wizard, which I assume would be theirs. And, as with most Eclipse lists, they'd probably prefer you ask on the newsgroup, instead of the committers mailing list.

I'd appreciate a pointer - I'm a newbie here and so far this is the only list I'm on. It's probably not quite the right list =).

And, I'll give one pointer.

It is best to do what you want by you providing your own wizard, and then use _pages_ from other wizards. But, even then, you need to make sure those other wizards are intended for re-use (that is, are API, etc.).

This is very helpful, but I'm having trouble finding the code and whether it's an API. Is there a strict package naming convention? I debugged and stopped the debugger enough to find that the name of the wizard page class is org.eclipse.datatools.connectivity.ui.wizards.NewConnectionProfileWizardPage I found the source by browsing here <> I found that this package is an exported package in the manifest, but adding a dependency and trying to use it got me a ClassCastException. I suspect it's because of this code in the page I want to reuse: String providerID = ((NewConnectionProfileWizard) getWizard()) .getProfileProviderID();

Of course, my wizard is not of that type. So, it seems to me I'm out of luck. Is that assessment correct?

Thanks again for your help!
Hope this helps,

From: 	raccah@xxxxxxxxxxxx
To: 	wtp-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 	04/04/2008 07:51 PM
Subject: 	[wtp-dev] Piggy backing onto a wizard?


I'll need to create an xml file where I collect general DB connection
information from a user in addition to a few other inputs. I've seen the
JDBC connection wizard.  Is it possible for me to add a wizard to
another category that is made up of the JDBC connection wizard + my
extra input and to access the collected info in order to populate my own
xml file?

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