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Re: [wtp-dev] JSDT inference: type of "this"

The default InferenceEngine will create an anonymous type when is sees a Object Literal.  
Assuming that you have override handleFunctionCall() in you inferengine to process the "qx.Class.define", in that code
you would "drill down" to that object initializer and call "traverse()" in its field initializers, thus bypassing the default handling of visit(IObjectInitializer).
The handleFunctionCall() should return false, so the InferEngine does not visit the children of the function call .

Phil Berkland
IBM Software Group Emerging Technologies

Matthias Kempka <mkempka@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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04/08/2008 03:41 AM

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"General discussion of project-wide or architectural issues." <wtp-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Re: [wtp-dev] JSDT inference: type of "this"

On Apr 8, 2008, at 2:04 AM, Phil Berkland wrote:
> This "this" should have the same type as the current context in the  
> InferEngine.  You can set the current context by doing  
> "currentContext.currentType= ??".
> If we see a "this.something" in a function, we assume there is  
> somekind of object involved, and if we dont know the type, we create  
> an anonymous type.

But how can I set the currentContext.currentType? Everything about the  
context is package private.

It seems to me the problem goes like this:

When defining a constructor, I work with a definition that looks like  

qx.Class.define("Application", {
                construct : function(x) { }

The function declaration is in the initializer of a first-level object  
literal field. The context is preserved from where the type  
"Application is defined, and thus(?) "this" gets the type "Application".

However, Qooxdoo method declarations go like this:

qx.Class.define("Application", {
                members : {
                    aMethod : function(x) {

This is an object literal field within the first-level object literal  
field. There, the context type is lost and an anonymous type is  
created. It contains all the members but nothing else of type  
"Application". (I don't really understand why it contains all the  
members  since I'm actually adding them to the inferred type  

What can I do to preserve the type within nested object literal fields?

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