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Re: [wtp-dev] JSDT inference: type of "this"

This "this" should have the same type as the current context in the InferEngine.  You can set the current context by doing "currentContext.currentType= ??".  
If we see a "this.something" in a function, we assume there is somekind of object involved, and if we dont know the type, we create an anonymous type.

Phil Berkland
IBM Software Group Emerging Technologies

Matthias Kempka <mkempka@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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04/07/2008 07:39 AM

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[wtp-dev] JSDT inference: type of "this"

Hi Phil and Brad,

While developing the inferrence support for Qooxdoo, I came across  
problems with the keyword "this".
During the call of InferenceSupport.visit(IThisReference) I know  
exactly the type that the thisReference should have, but I can't  
assign it. Instead the thisReference has some anonymous type that does  
contain some of the type informations of the qooxdoo class but not all  
of it. Specifically qooxdoo features like properties and hierarchy  
information is lost.

So my question is: How does the anonymous type gather the type  
information? It seems that it is not totally ignorant of the  
information as methods and members are there.
Is there a way of setting the type of "this" or declaring that the  
anonymous type of this is actually the one of the class that I know  

Best Regards,
Matthias Kempka

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