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[wtp-dev] Adding Embedded Content/Regions to XML Editor

I sent this message to the incubator list but figured I might get a
better response here.

With Nitin's help, I've managed to add a special partion to the XML
editor's XML_TAG_ATTRIBUTE_VALUE regions.   Basically here is what I
would like to do.    XSL has some special attributes that can contain
XPath expressions.   In order to work well with Content Assistance, it
looks like that these attributes need to have some special handling
where they contain an embedded content and container.   However, from
what I can tell, the regions are parsed and set before the Partitions
are created.   Which means, that in order to add this functionality it
appears I have to generate a special version of the XMLTokenizer add support for these special regions.   I'm hoping to avoid
doing that if at all possible.

So as an example:

<xsl:variable name="somename" select="htm/body/p[count(strong))]"/>

The above select statement should have an XSL_Partition (which it
currently does), and then within there it will have one or more regions
for the parsed xpath expression.    Based on these regions, it is then a
matter of providing content assistance based on the region type.
However, where I'm stuck is in adding these specific regions to the
select statement.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.


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