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[wtp-dev] Platform fix for displaying proper resource icons in the navigator/project explorer


A few days ago - starting with platform builds > I20080323-2000 if I read the CVS history correctly - the Platform UI team has fixed (thanks!) this bug: [EditorMgmt] Files shown with wrong icons in the navigator.

I am sending this note mainly to make the WTP committers community aware of the change. Time permitting, please also try to test the fix especially if you have workspaces with a large number of resources in a single folder. The icon update to show the actual icon for the underlying content type will be faster or slower, depending on the number of resources in the folder and how fast the content type descriptors are.

If the number of resources is large and the content descriptor slow you can sometimes see the content type decorator system job's progress in the progress view. You need to turn on the preference that will instruct the progress view to show the sleeping and system jobs. Most times the job completes fast enough that you won't get a chance to see it working.

If you have any feedback on functionality or performance please provide it directly through comments on the bug.

Thank you,
Valentin Baciu
XML Web Services Tools

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