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[wtp-dev] And now for something a little different: the New and Noteworthy for M6

Hello all,
To make sure everyone has adequate time to fill in the New and Noteworthy documents, the initial files are available in CVS as of right now.  With any luck, as you're finishing up features, you'll be able to add information to them immediately rather than as an afterthought when we approach the milestone's end.  You can preview it at  I'd prefer for the files to be filled out by the night before we declare the milestone, even earlier if possible.

To edit your subproject's contents, connect to the web site repository at and either check out the entire contents of the /www/webtools folder or just /www/webtools/development/news/3.0M6 if you just want to work on this milestone's files.  You will not be able to check out the entire contents of the /www folder due to file permissions on the server.

For now I'd suggest that Incubator remain in its own location since it's not part of the regular builds, plus I'm not sure they have access to the web site repository.  Don't forget that API changes should be broadcast in the and mentioned in if migration is involved.  I'll be sporadically available over the next two weeks, but I'm glad to help if anyone asks.

Nitin Dahyabhai
Eclipse WTP Source Editing
IBM Rational

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