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[wtp-dev] Blocking issues for the JSF Tools Project..

Hi Nitin, Gary, David,


This is a call for help to resolve two outstanding issues in the WTP subprojects that is blocking our progress on two important features planned for the upcoming WTP 3.0 release. I would like to arrange a conference call with the JSF Tools Project team to discuss the issues and come to common understanding of both long-term and short-term solution.


Following are the issues:


[206370]-Support namespaces by document factories in HTML files


This impacts our support for Facelets. Cameron has logged multiple issues in the bug and we are waiting for a response. This has become critical as we need to decide on our approach to complete our feature work based on the feedback we get on this issue. If we move on this quickly, there is a potential for us to contribute a patch for this issue.


2) [219140]- Quick Fix in SSE does not activate for Build Validations


We are at risk of dropping the QuickFix feature in this release because of this issue. I have included Gary Karasiuk (Welcome to WTP!) since this involves Build validation in addition to SSE Source validation.

Simply stated: "How do we support quick fixable annotations on all the validation markers that get created by our validator?"



I would like to propose a conference call any time this week. Please review and give your availability for a call or other ways to resolve this issue.




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