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[wtp-dev] Problem using eclipse WSDL Validator plugin outside eclipse

Hi all,

I wanted to use the eclipse WSDL Validator plugin outside eclipse and hence followed the article [1].  The problem is that I repeatedly get the error "A problem occurred while running the WSDL validator for namespace" at line 1 column 1, no matter which WSDL I use. This gives the same error even for valid WSDls. Am I missing something here?

here is the code I used

        WSDLValidator validator = new WSDLValidator();
        IValidationReport valReport = validator.validate("file:" + wsdlFileLocation);

I even tried the following but get the same error

        WSDL11ValidatorDelegate wsiDelegate = new ClassloaderWSDL11ValidatorDeleg
        validator.registerWSDL11Validator("", wsiDelegate);



Keith Chapman
Software Engineer
WSO2 Inc.
Oxygenating the Web Service Platform.


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