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[wtp-dev] JavaEE annotations model

I am experimenting with the new annotation support in jdt. In M4 it is possible to call the IType.getAnnotations().
The final goal is to build a model for the ejb project both from annotations and from the deployment descritor.
There is an open bug for this functionality and I have attached an "initial idea description document".
Since we are currently changing the code to a greate extend I have not yet attach it.
My question is - is it to late to introduce a change in the org.eclipse.jst.javaee.* model package? The change will be to introduce a new type (interface and implementation) called EnterpriseBean. EnterpriseBean will extend JavaEEObject. SessionBean, MessageDrivenBean and EntityBean will extends EnterpriseBean. The type EnterpriseBean will group all the common field and methods from SessionBean, MessageDrivenBean and EntityBean. I am asking since this is a change in the model and it may impact most of the adopters.
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