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[wtp-dev] Rearrangement of the toolbar in the Java EE perspective

Title: Rearrangement of the toolbar in the Java EE perspective


I have just committed a new enhancement in M4:
The enhancement chages the arrangement of the toolbar in the Java EE perspective. There were five toolbar buttons for creating Java EE project: Web, EJB, etc. Now these buttons are removed and replaced by two pulldown buttons:

        - the first one lists the wizards for creating new Java EE project:
                - Dynamic Web Project
                - EJB Project
                - Enterprise Application Project
                - Application Client Project
                - Connector Project
                - Utility Project
        - the second one lists the wizards for creating new Java EE artifacts
                - Servlet
                - Filter
                - Listener
                - Xdoclet Enterprise JavaBean

The above are all Java EE projects and artifacts contributed by the Java EE Tools and EJB Tools components where I am a committer in. I guess there are other components that would like to contribute items to the new pulldown buttons like:

        - Dali --> JPA project
        - Source Editing --> JSP
        - Web Services --> Web Service and Web Service Client

To add a new item in the Java EE Project pulldown button, you have to add the following in your plugin.xml's wizard extension:

         <class class="<your wizard's class>">
            <parameter name="javaeeproject" value="true"/>
            <parameter name="menuIndex" value="10" />

The parameter "javaeeproject" adds the wizard as an item under the Java EE Project pulldown button. The parameter "menuIndex" determines the sort order of the items.

In a similar way you can add a wizard under the Java EE Artifacts pulldown button:

         <class class="<your wizard's class>">
              <parameter name="javaeeartifact" value="true"/>
              <parameter name="menuIndex" value="30" />

The difference is that the parameter here is named "javaeeartifact".

More details can be seen in the attached patch that introduces the enhancement:"">

Kaloyan Raev
Eclipse WTP Committer
Senior Developer
SAP Labs Bulgaria
T +359/2/9157-416

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