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[wtp-dev] Import Server Project


Is it possible to import a Server project (File ->Import ->Existing

I've got 2 Tomcat 5.5 server configurations which I'd like to share with
others, but it doesn't seem to work. I guess it's not possible - or I'm
doing something stupid?

I also was wondering if it was possible to change the hostname when
launching from WTP, even though I change the hostname in the config screen
and in server.xml, it remains at localhost

I'm using 
Eclipse Version:
Build id: M20071023-1652

J2EE Standard Tools
Version: 2.0.1.v200709110510-7B-68dDTNImaz0di_Tvks1JyDPVe
Build id: 200706212235

Web Standard Tools
Version: 2.0.1.v200709110510-7C-778k0JWNr93WEIHvplSVojWel
Build id: 200706212235
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