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[wtp-dev] Ready to bump up feature versions to Ganymede levels?

You may recall, immediately after WTP 2.0, we bumped up all features by .1 (to 2.1) to distinguish the new stuff from the "old" stuff,
while leaving a bit of wiggle room in case anyone wanted to change our minds about what to call our Ganymede release.

At the last milestone, I heard two people being confused since our features said "2.1" and did not yet say "3.0".

So, since there's been no question that we should/could call it WTP 3.0, and since some find it confusing,
I suggest we change the features now to say "3.0".
And, of course, this would be "2.0" for JSF and Dali features.

I'll start changing what features I can, but suggest we get this done in plenty of time for our next milestone.


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