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Re: [wtp-dev] cvs refactoring and 2.0.1 map files

The old, pre-refactor 'directory.txt' files can no longer be used to load the modules.
There's a couple of choices, depending on what you needed.

1.  Start with the directory.txt file, but edit them so the paths are correct. There is a SED script which might help, but it won't correct every thing, so
you'll have to figure out any that it doesn't handle.
See sedscript.sed in org.eclipse.wtp.releng.utilities in webtools.releng/plugins/

2. You could check out the R2_0_maintenance branch of the map files, which have been corrected already. That's not exactly what was in 2.0.1, but is close (and, of course, representative of 2.0.2 ongoing work).

3. But, let's back up, if you really want to be running against 2.0.1, you could just use that distribution in your PDE target.

Hope that helps,

From: "Ahti Kitsik" <ahti@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: wtp-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 11/27/2007 07:06 AM
Subject: [wtp-dev] cvs refactoring and 2.0.1 map files

First thanks for the hard work with the cvs refactoring!

I got a bit confused there while trying to find the proper set of .map files that could work for loading/building wtp2.0.1.
(WTP 2.0.1, released on 2007-09-28, Release Build: R-2.0.1-20070926042742).

Is it still possible with the latest cvs? I tried with releng maps from R2_0_maintenance branch but for a start, sse.core etc were missing.
According to there should be but it was not found.
And even if it were, there is no "wst" module anymore so I guess it would fail.. Simply getting a zip source drop is not a good option for me.

Any idea what I might be doing wrong?


snippet from the where is taken from the R2_0_maint.. branch:

! This map file is for
! WTP 2.0.x maintenance releases

! These bundles are currently being developed and released
! from the R2_0_maintenance branch:

pserver:anonymous@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :/cvsroot/webtools,,wst/components/xml/plugins/org.eclipse.wst.xml.core
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