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Re: [wtp-dev] Project refactoring and restructuring is nearing perfection

Looks nice and simple - quick question: The most hard to find info of all for eclipse projects are the cvs/svn and viewcvs/viewsvn for projects; any reason why they aren't on that nice simple access page ?


We have just a bit of "web site permissions process" work to finish up,
but all the newly refactored subprojects are open and ready for business,
associated with repository locations, have correct committers, etc.

List of Projects
You should all have the Projects site bookmarked.
If the following table's formatting is maintained, below is what our
section looks like
but by all means, see the site for the best view.

Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project
AJAX Tools Framework
EJB Tools
WTP Incubator
Java EE Tools
JavaServer Faces
Server Tools
Source Editing
Web Services

The "meta data" used to fill out above table, with website location,
download areas, etc.,
can be edited at the Eclipse Foundation Portal
(you should bookmark that too  :)
Project Leads, please complete any relevant meta-data for your
In many cases (download site, ip logs, etc., you can simply fill in the
webtools value at least for now, but in other cases, you may have
something unique,
such as your project's landing page).

Committer Queries
Here's some other interesting "database" links
for if/when you want to check who's a committer where

Committers by Project
Committers with projects
Example Project Leads Query

Max Rydahl Andersen


JBoss a division of Red Hat

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