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RE: [wtp-dev] Java EE WTP 3 M4 Planning Meeting

I am sending some notes as a preparation for the Java EE WTP 3 M4 Planning Meeting today.
The following topics are interested for SAP to have them in WTP 3.0 development. The label "committed by SAP" means that SAP is willing to provide resources for these topics. The "resources" are actually me, as a committer, and some of my colleagues, as contributors, from the Java EE Tools team in SAP.
Servlet: (all committed by SAP)
 - further development and enhancements in the Servlet, Filter and Listener wizards
 - validation in web.xml for <servlet>, <servlet-mappings>, <filter>, <filter-mappings> and <listener> tags
EJB: (all committed by SAP)
 - EJB 3.0 Session Bean wizard
 - EJB 3.0 Message Driven Bean wizard
For M4 for there will be initial version of the wizard. Complete version should be available in M5.
Java EE perspective: (committed by SAP)
 - rearrangement of the toolbar:
Project Navigator content:
 - Java EE 5 projects
There is initial version attached for EAR 5
 - enhancement in the Web 2.4 navigator content: show Error Pages, Context params and Welcome Pages (committed by SAP)
Java EE 5 annotation models:
There is a version for EJB 3.0 model. However, it based on ASTParser, which is now not the best approach since Java annotation are included in the Java model for Eclipse 3.4.

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Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2007 11:25 PM
To: General discussion of project-wide or architectural issues.
Subject: [wtp-dev] Java EE WTP 3 M4 Planning Meeting

Hi all -

After hearing from some of you, I'm planning on having an M4 planning meeting next Tuesday for Java EE items.

Time : Tuesday, November 20  11am-12pm EST (
Moderator:      Chuck Bridgham
US/Canada Toll Free: 877-421-0030

Participant Passcode:  631004
Full list of phone numbers

This should force most of us to have our plans in place by then  :)  We'll be going through the targeted enhancements, and discuss any missing items.

Thanks - Chuck

Rational Java EE Tooling Team Lead
IBM Software Lab - Research Triangle Park, NC
cbridgha@xxxxxxxxxx  Ph: 919-254-1848 (T/L: 444)

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