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[wtp-dev] Please update New_Help_for_Old_Friends_III (Changes from WTP 2.0 -> WTP 3.0)

Hi Team,

As announced in our weekly mtg last week, that this page has been created as a centralized location to document changes in WTP3.0, to help ease the migration from WTP 2.0 to WTP 3.0 for adopters

Please add any changes your component has from WTP 2.0 and WTP 3.0.  Thank you!

Note, the link from last week's mtg for this => has been moved it to to follow our previous naming traditions. : )
Also, I've added the change to the facet wizard page under Common Components, I'm not sure which components are participating in this change?  Can those components pls add the changes under your components?  Thank you!


Helen Zhang
Release Engineer, Project Manager
Rational Architecture Management Project Management Office
Eclipse Webtools Platform (WTP)

IBM Toronto Software Lab | 8200 Warden Ave. | Markham | L6G 1C7
Email: hjzhang@xxxxxxxxxx | Phone: 905-413-3443 | T/L: 969-3443

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