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[wtp-dev] Re: WTP Server Adapter for WebSphere Application Server v6.1

Dear Paul,

The server adapters provided with WTP are examplars.  We encourage application server vendors to provide their own server adapters that can be downloaded and used with WTP.  BEA, Oracle, JBoss, Geronimo and Glassfish provide such adapters, maintain and update them with each release.  IBM provides server adapters for WAS as a part of the rational and wsad tool sets.

Currently there are no plans to update the WAS adapter for 6.1.   However, it is good to request these adapters in the public, maybe it can trigger some internal discussion at IBM to make their server adapters publicly available.

Dear Mr. Naci Dai,
I would like to ask you something about the future development of Eclipse WTP.
In our company, we are thinking about using WTP 2.0 together with WebSphere Application Server (WAS). We currently use WAS 6.1 Network Deployment and so do our customers. WTP has as of now only a Server Adapter for WAS 6.0.
Can you tell me if and by when will an adapter for 6.1 be developed? The WTP project plan I found shows only the milestones until the release of WTP 2.0 on June 29, 2007. No future plans are stated.
If there is no chance for an adapter, can you then suggest another solution?
Many thanks in advance,
Paul Petrus.

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Naci Dai,

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