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[wtp-dev] Type support for Javascript frameworks in JSDT

Hi JSDT Developers,

Now that I set up my workspace with JSDT I'd like to add support for javascript frameworks like dojo or qooxdoo. Actually, qooxdoo is what we are interested in, but whatever I do should be general enough to support others also.

For a start, an outline and content assist would be valuable. I guess I'll have to contribute to the AST some way.

So my questions are:

- Has anything in that direction already been done or planned?
- If yes, where should I start looking?
- If no, do you see problems coming up right away? Things that seem obvious but are not worth a try or something..

Matthias Kempka

Matthias Kempka
Innoopract Informationssysteme GmbH
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