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[wtp-dev] All WTP Committers: Please double check our Projects document

I've updated our WTP Projects document at

At Kosta's suggestion, I've listed the main plugins in each Project table, next to the list of committers. Previously we had sort of a mixed list of features and only some plugins, which some people found confusing if the didn't have everything loaded up and some nice well organized working sets :)

This came up because we had a late discovery of one mistake (sorry Kathy) so we're hoping that this new listing might make it more obvious is someone has been working on one of the listed plugins, but are not listed in the committers for that project. If anyone sees this, then please let us know of our error! We can always correct errors later ... but, easier to do now, and would hate for someone to suddenly discover they no longer had access to their plugin, right before a deadline, right as they needed to fix some serious bug!  

Soon we'll get the Eclipse databases and CVS itself all straight so our Projects document will not need to be the final authority, but until we do, that document is what drives the database corrections and cvs restructuring.

Much thanks,

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