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RE: [wtp-dev] WPT M2 Declared

Thanks for the reminder ... I have been remiss in not announcing it here on this list, but those had to be suspended since there is currently no one to do the work.

Volunteers welcome :)


203883  Reinstate WTP performance tests
203884  Reinstate WTP API Tests

We would like to get them going again someday, but the person who used to do the work (John Lanuti) is no longer able to.
Again, apologies for not announcing here .. I forget not everyone monitors the releng component of bugzilla and carefully reads the PMC meeting notes. :)

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10/03/2007 05:31 PM

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"General discussion of project-wide or architectural issues." <wtp-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
RE: [wtp-dev] WPT M2 Declared

Hi David,
Where has the Adopter Breakage Report gone?
There is none for 3.0 M2 and 2.0.1.
It is useful for adopters to have a look at it before adopting new releases. For example, we had a small breakage when adopting 2.0.1. It was just an internal class that was moved to another package. But it is helpful, if one can have a look at the report before the exercise.

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007 11:08 PM
[wtp-dev] WPT M2 Declared

Notes (and feedback requested) on download page improvements:

1. I've added some "handy links" primarily aimed at committers or other hard core contributors.
I think most will like this, but it may make the page a little too busy? Let me know if any strong views one way or the other.

2. I've tried to make the Eclipse Platform link "smart" and offer you the version of the platform you are
accessing the site from (windows, linux, or mac) ... but, there is a limitation in my script, so always does windows now :(

3. I've (tried) to fix all the links to automatically use mirrored content when appropriate, but wouldn't be surprised if there's a bug or two
left, so let me know if you see anything funny (such as "file not found").

Thanks everyone.
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