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[wtp-dev] Import cannot be resolved on my created classes

Dear all,

I have a really odd problem with my Eclipse that no one I've talked seems to
be able to explain.

Imagine I create class A on packageA.classes.

When I use A on another class eclipse automatically imports the
corresponding package. Now, sometimes, in what seems to be a random event,
after I save eclipse says Class A cannot be resolved. In addition, the
import packageA.classes is also underlined and "package cannot be resolved".

Bare in mind there are no compilation errors. Auto-fix the class to import
the package produces no effect. Deleting the import and auto-fix the import
neither. Organize imports neither.
Ctrl+class click will send me to the class without any problem.

The only "solution" that seems to work is the tedious:

1) Copy+paste the contents of class A to a text editor
2) Delete Class A
3) auto-fix the underlined error to "create Class A"
4) Paste the contents in the text editor to the newly created class.

Does anyone know if this is a WTP or Eclipse bug?

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