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Re: [wtp-dev] Web Services Explorer functional in WTP 3.0 WST download

This is excellent news Kathy.

I also wanted to publically complement you and your team on another thing everyone may not know about.
We used to have some "special build steps" to be sure the explore.war was compiled and built to include, as
a war, in our distributions. Kathy recently improved this by using the customBuildCallback
method provided by PDE.

I just love seeing these small, incremental improvements in componetization, and since they
are hard to "see" by everyone, I wanted to point out this one.

Kathy Chan <kathy@xxxxxxxxxx>
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09/12/2007 03:03 PM

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[wtp-dev] Web Services Explorer functional in WTP 3.0 WST download


We have finished the migration of the Web Services Explorer to Jetty (instead of using Apache Tomcat).  The Web Services Explorer is now functional again starting with yesterday's WTP 3.0 drivers (it was not working in WTP 3.0 M1).  Also, the Web Services Explorer is now fully contained in the WST project package.  You do not need to get both the JST and WST package in WTP download to get the Web Services Explorer functionality.


Kathy Chan
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IBM Toronto Lab
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