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[wtp-dev] Busy week ahead for WTP 1.5.5, 2.0.1, and 3.0

WTP fans, this is an exciting week!  All 3 streams are very active!

WTP 1.5.5
  • Teams should update and execute their 1.5.5 shutdown regression tests:
  • J2EE also needs to fix , which is deadlocking the JUnits and preventing their completion
  • There are 11 bugs still targeted for 1.5.5.  The plan is to have RC2 as a real release candidate, so please triage these accordingly ASAP:
188036 maj P1 david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx NEW 1.5.5 M155 some features have different content
198015 nor P1 david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx ASSI 1.5.5 M155 Need to update changed features to 155
199520 blo P3 jsholl@xxxxxxxxxx david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx NEW 1.5.5 M155 Deadlock detected in JUnit tests
197315 nor P3 kchong@xxxxxxxxxx seto@xxxxxxxxxx NEW 1.5.5 M155 Refresh of the Extensions Section doesn't behave correctly
184030 enh P3 kchong@xxxxxxxxxx seto@xxxxxxxxxx ASSI 1.5.5 M155 Category Selection Usability Concern
191145 maj P3 lj@xxxxxxxxxx ledunnel@xxxxxxxxxx NEW 1.5.5 M155 Data preference page throws exception and malfunctions
151494 tri P3 lj@xxxxxxxxxx ledunnel@xxxxxxxxxx ASSI 1.5.5 M155 The definition of the Data node in the new file wizard sh...
197558 nor P3 nagrawal@xxxxxxxxxx ramanday@xxxxxxxxxx NEW 1.5.5 M155 Import existing ejb project, expand project explorer, do ...
199047 maj P3 nitind@xxxxxxxxxx nitind@xxxxxxxxxx ASSI 1.5.5 M155 Braces missing from translation of custom tags not defini...
199053 maj P3 nitind@xxxxxxxxxx nitind@xxxxxxxxxx ASSI 1.5.5 M155 Syntax errors outside of scripting areas not reported
198855 maj P3 quyon@xxxxxxxxxx quyon@xxxxxxxxxx ASSI 1.5.5 M155 Number rows returned in Sample Contents obscure

WTP 2.0.1
  • We have our bi-weekly declared 2.0.1 maintenance build this week, so we will be asking for smoke tests Thursday morning
  • JPT/Dali has 32 compile errors.  This is unacceptable and they need to be resolved ASAP!
  • J2EE has 38 JUnits tests failing.  Please fix these tests ASAP!

WTP 3.0
  • This is the first week of WTP 3.0 builds.  We will be updating any available M1 dependencies on Tuesday.  We will need quick turnaround on dependency ranges to ensure the build can finish.  Early investigation shows this should not be too great an effort.  
  • Other M1 efforts can then begin, such as the web service explorer port to jetty, and the JSF changes with tabbed property pages.  I don't think it is necessary to declare a 3.0 I build this week, we will just test and declare our M1 next Friday, the 24th.

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, let myself or David know.


John Lanuti
IBM Web Tools Platform Technical Lead, IBM Rational
IBM Software Lab - Research Triangle Park, NC
t/l 441-7861

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