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[wtp-dev] Peek ahead on Eclipse 3.4 M1

I created a 3.4 M1 based target and found only two plugins needed version ranges fixed


I "blindly" fixed them in my workspace and the only resulting compile error was related to the search classes added for XSD,
in common.ui. Specifically,
SearchMessages.FileSearchPage_limited_format cannot be resolved

So ... please fix this one code case so it will work with both 3.3 and 3.4 ... remember, we should _NEVER_ re-use non-API messages!

And, please don't just limp along ... Craig or Valentin, can you please fix the long

and, of course, please update the "maximum" version range appropriately for these two plugins ... I suspect only to 3.4, since these bundles use non-API ... in all cases, the lower version range should not be changed,
unless there is a concrete known reason why it absolutely has to be.

I didn't test "running" at all, but this quick peek indicates it should be relatively painless to move ahead.

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