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[wtp-dev] WTP 2.0 JEE 5 support for adaptor-dummies


I'm starting to realize that my efforts in trying to use WTP 2.x and JEE 5 as an adaptor is going to take alot more effort than I expected ;)

I've tried googling for a while now and the only thing I can find about JEE 5 and supporting it in WTP at the code level is "it kind'a works" and no documentation on how I as an adaptor should use it.

The best thing I've found is:

and a wtp newsletter ( stating "Stay tuned for documentation on using the new IModelProvider instead of ArtifactEdits for JEE model access"

...but where is that ?

And doesn't state much else. just adds more confusion since everytime I try and do some of these I end up with a Project Explorer that does not give any extra support (e.g. deployment descriptor nodes are missing in project explorer even though there is a deployment descriptor etc.)

What does *basic JEE 5* support actually mean in context of WTP 2.x ?


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