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Re: [wtp-dev] Facet's not asking runtime/server about libraries -intentional or error ?



My guess as to the "why" question is that this hasn't been requested by
anyone before. Right now only and module facets use the
classpath provider facility, but the facility was designed so that any
facet could use it if it makes sense for that facet. I do not know the
design and implementation details of how JSF and JPA facets manage their
libraries, but I would suggest opening enhancement requests (one for JSF
and one for JPA) to continue this conversation and to figure out if this
change makes sense for these facets.

Will do that - but just wondering what the intended behavior is; I would expect that facet's should be encouraged to do similar things when it comes to libraries....and the "Server provides libraries" option for these two would indicate they at least should let the runtime know about the changes.

In any case: Is there a way for a runtime to know which facet's are being added to a project that it is connected to ?

e.g. if I move a project from runtime/server A to runtime/server B the classpath should be updated - but that does not seem to happen. Should it not ?


- Konstantin

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-intentional or error ?

The type of "alert" not being given by the JSF and JPA facets are
usually called by a line similar to the one below:
    ClasspathHelper.addClasspathEntries(project, fv));

The line above alerts the runtime of the facet version's new inclusion
and is borrowed from the WebFacetInstallDelegate.

I echo Max's query. Why don't the other facets such as JSF / JPA do the

Max Rydahl Andersen wrote:

I noticed today that when enabling JSF or JPA on projects neither of them consults the server/runtime about which jars that are relevant for it.

dynamic web and the java facet does....why not jpa and jsf ?

some runtimes could return an optimized set of jars if this were done instead of just returning *everything* ....

I'm i missing something obvious ?

what about JPA projects that won't be dynamic web apps ?

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