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[wtp-dev] Please review project refactoring proposal


Please review this proposal to refactor the WTP projects.

The intent is to simply "document what we do" ... not to substantially change anything ... and to document what we do in terms consistent with the Eclipse Foundation's key terminology.

At the same time, I know "words" can take on a life of their own, so please review the names of the proposed projects, the descriptions, etc., and be sure you agree it's accurate with what we do and feel free to make suggestions to improve the clarity. (This is not the time to suggest improvements to what we do ... that can come later though ... this is just to better clarify the current state of the top-level project).

I've reviewed this with the PMC and a number of the Component Team Leads (proposed to become Project Leads!) but, wanted to be sure all committers had a chance to review before the public review, which will be scheduled for August 15th. If you have any comments or corrections, I'll need to get them in the next few days, to incorporate into the final to-be-reviewed version since it needs to be finalized for distribution on the 7th.


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