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[wtp-dev] Build Status and Upcoming Smoke Test Requests for WTP 1.5.5 and WTP 2.0.1

Hey guys,

Remember me?  :-)

So, we already have about 30 bugs fixed in WTP 2.0.1, so I think we should start our bi-weekly maintenance builds for 2.0.1 this week.  I have just kicked off a build with an update to our depenencies which were still at europa RC4, (yikes, oops) and which has a fix from J2EE  for the JST JUnits failing to build.

For WTP 1.5.5, this is also one of our bi-weekly weeks, so I will send a not out tommorrow with the latest 1.5.5 build to smoke test.  PMC please review the 4 bugs still awaiting approval.

Thanks guys, stay tuned for smoke test request notes tommorrow!

John Lanuti
IBM Web Tools Platform Technical Lead, IBM Rational
IBM Software Lab - Research Triangle Park, NC
t/l 441-7861

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