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Re: [wtp-dev] dynamic web project and nested folders

This is a regression, and was not intended.

I have opened: to track and get into the first maintenance stream.

Some additional validation code was added to flag invalid characters for folder names - but obviously need to allow for this scenario.

Thanks - Chuck

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07/05/2007 10:11 AM

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[wtp-dev] dynamic web project and nested folders

Using WTP 2.0, when I attempt to create a new dynamic web project, I
cannot specify a nested directory in the Web Module's Content
Directory or Java Source Directory locations - for example, specify
the content directory as src/main/webapp - the '/' is an illegal
character according to the UI validation.  I prefer to use a nested
structure so that I can adopt Maven's standard directory structure -
and I used to be able to do this in WTP 1.x. Ultimately, I am able to
go back and edit the build path to use a nested java source directory,
but I do not know how to make the necessary changes to allow for a
nested content directory - can anyone please help advise me?  Does
anyone know the reasoning behind not allowing a nested structure for
these locations?

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