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Re: [wtp-dev] Jetty adaptor

Hi Jan,
Generic servers has an extension (org.eclipse.jst.server.generic.core.genericpublisher) that is used to introduce a publisher for a generic server. I guess you can use this extension point and extend the AntPublisher provided with the WTP to achieve this.

Jan Bartel wrote:
Hi Naci, Tim, David and Kaloyan (and anyone else I may have missed),

Thanks for your replies, they have been extremely helpful. I have
now got a Jetty generic adaptor working, able to stop/start and un/publish
webapps, so hopefully I will have something final to announce to
this list in the very near future.

One feature that I'm trying to polish is to allow the user to configure
a jetty-specific deployment file per webapp. I don't need much
configuration, just the optional name of a file that I can copy
over to jetty along with the webapp. The name of this file would have
to be supplied when the webapp is being deployed, and I can't see
anywhere in the api where I could present a configuration dialog
to the user - is this possible with the generic api? Or is this
something for which I'd need to do a fully custom adapter?

Thanks for your welcome and your advice,

best regards

Naci Dai wrote:
Hi Jan,

I have swicthed my spam-filet and it seems all email to wtp-jst-dev goes
into my junk folder!  In anycase, it would be great to have a Jetty
adapter, and there are plenty of examples from simpel generic servers to
full-scale (a la Tomcat) adapters.
At this point it would make most sense to open a bugzilla for this work
if you want to contribute it to WTP under EPL.  We can track and help
you there, and when the adapter is ready, we can commit  it to WTP.

Otherwise you can hot it anywhere you like and we can provide a link to
it as an installable adapter.

Hi all,

I tried mailing the wtp-jst-dev list a week or so ago, but from
the silence, it seems like perhaps this is a better list?

I'm one of the leads on the Jetty project, and I'm starting to develop
a Jetty adapter for the web tooling/jst components.

Do these adapters normally live in the Eclipse source repository or
are they normally hosted by the web server's project? If the latter,
what kind of arrangements does a project need to make in order to offer
an adapter that can be easily downloaded and installed into Eclipse

Finally, any pointers to tutorials, whitepapers or presentations on
Server adapters would be very gratefully received  ;-)
very best regards

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