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[wtp-dev] Nomination of Lahiru Sandakith to WTP Web services Committer

To the Web Services and WSDL Committers [1],
it is with great pleasure I am writing to nominate Lahiru Sandakith from WSO2 as a Committer on the Web Services Component team of the WTP project.

Since about October last year, Lahiru has been operating as a dedicated member of the WTP Web Services tools team on the design, development, testing and documentation of a new set of extensions to the Web services platform in WTP 2.0 to support the development of Apache Axis2 Web services and clients. Lahiru has contributed a substantial amount of new code to the platform and in so doing accomplished rich integration between Eclipse WTP and Apache Axis2. Along the way, he has amassed impressive breadth and depth of knowledge in plug-in development for the Eclipse and, of course, WTP Web services platforms. He has contributed extensions to the Eclipse preferences framework, the Web services framework and the facets framework. He implemented a mechanism similar to that found in Server Tools whereby WTP does not include any actual Axis2 code, but instead allows the user to point WTP to an independent Axis2 installation and, under the covers, reflectively exploit it. Not limiting himself to just "the code", he has also written tutorials and contributed functional test suites for the Axis2 tools. The query below [2] demonstrates the variety of RFEs and bugs Lahiru has responsively worked on over the past few months.

Lahiru has applied sound judgement, skill, discipline, adaptability, insight, a genuinely affable nature and strong sense of enthusiasm and helpfulness to the Eclipse WTP project - all traits typical of a Committer. In recognition of Lahiru's accomplishments to date and to unleash him on a variety of improvements to the Axis2 tools we wish to explore beyond WTP 2.0, please join me in casting a "+1" for Lahiru as a WTP Web services Committer.

Many thanks for your time and attention,
Chris Brealey.


Cheers - CB.

Chris Brealey
STSM, Rational and Eclipse Java Web Service Tools, SOA Foundation Architecture
IBM Canada Ltd, 8200 Warden Avenue, Markham, Ontario, Canada, L6G 1C7
(905) 413-6038

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