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Re: [wtp-dev] Loading workspace with latest WTP project map isnot working

Thank you for the fast reply and pointers.  We'll give them a try today and let you know the results.
I have to add, however, that from what you've written it appears that it is no longer possible to find out just exactly what all the prerequisites for a WTP build are.  As you stated, there are many more libraries specified from Orbit than are needed in the project map.  Are the precise, minimal prerequisites required for a WTP build really undefined at this point?  Or more likely simply maintained somewhere else?  If the latter, a pointer to that list would be quite helpful as well.
Best regards,
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Sent: Tuesday, May 22, 2007 10:32 PM
Subject: [work] Re: [wtp-dev] Loading workspace with latest WTP project map isnot working

Todd, I entered this bug to not lose track of the new limitation.

88550 Load Map Projects won't load http map entries

But here's the background and some suggestions to perhaps help.

The HTTP form of the map entry was added specifically for PDE build, so that
bundles that exist elsewhere can more easily be retrieved using protocols other than
cvs. In this case, the desire is to "pull" the already built bundles from the orbit download site.

I think most of us normally recommend those types of jars/bundles are simply put in your target,
for development. Each orbit build produces a zip file that contains all the bundles.
See for example,

If you do pull them into your workspace, there's a few problems. First, there's many more bundles listed there in the map file than is
used in WTP. And, in most cases, depending on some preference settings and how the project was defined,
it is not trivial to load multiple versions into your workspace ... you have to give each project a unique
name .. .such as to include it's version number after the project name in Eclipse workspace.

If you did want to still try, say getting a reduced set into your workspace, each Orbit build produces both an HTTP
form of the map file, and a more traditional CVS version of the map file. So ... you just need to figure out which orbit
build was used, say by date and time, and get the corresponding cvs map file, and use Load Map Projects (on some limit
set of unique versions, as used by WTP).
Or .. btw, you could just get the most recent one ... it would be more correct, if different at all.

Hope this helps,

P.S. Be sure to document any tips and tricks you learn, so others can benefit from you leading the way  :)

"Todd Williams" <todd@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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05/22/2007 08:22 PM

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"General discussion of project-wide or architectural issues." <wtp-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
[wtp-dev] Loading workspace with latest WTP project map is not        working

We're trying to set up an internal build of WTP 2.0RC0 and are having trouble pulling all the projects into the workspace using the map file.
We began by using Eclipse 3.3M7 with all prerequisites as specified on the dependencies page.  We loaded up the latest releng tools plugin from the Eclipse platform (  We then pulled the
the RC0 map file here:
When we load the projects from the map, everything proceeds along fine until we receive the following error from CVS in the form of an error dialog:
Could not connect to
I/O exception occurred:
CreateProcess: ssh -l anonymouse http cvs server error=2
It appears the issue is that the releng tools don't understand non-CVS entries of the form:
I base that on the error message and the fact that Eclipse tries to create a CVS repository location with 'http' as the server name.
I checked the documentation on checking out WTP ( and the map file still seems to be the recommended practice.
So, given all that, what do we "not know" or are "doing wrong" that causes the import to fail?
All help appreciated.
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