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Re: [wtp-dev] JavaEE model change notifications

The new model is also an EMF model with the same listener/adapter frameworks - the only change is many of these interfaces are not exposed, so casting is required for these facilities.
This is the tradeoff of working with a "clean" model interface.

Do you have a particular problem?   Maybe we should move this to newsgroups?  (I'll promise to check later)

- Chuck

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[wtp-dev] JavaEE model change notifications

To monitor changes to the deployment descriptors using the J2EE models, we add adapters to the EObjects that we are interested in.  
How do we now listen for changes using the new JavaEE models?    Specifically, we need to be able to detect additions, deletions and changes to the context params of a web app.    
Gerry Kessler
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