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RE: [wtp-dev] Web Services node in the Project Explorer

Thanks, Chuck.


I definitely understand the motivation for the performance fix. But the result is a regression from WTP 1.0: we now have a project node visible by default.


Could we revert the perf fix (or hide the node by default) in the 1.5 stream?


In the 2.0 line, a programmatic enable/disable call would be good, but again I think the key is that the node should be hidden by default.





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Hi - not sure if I missed some of the discussion here - but I agree we should have a programatic way to disable this node if desired.

The change was done after realizing a severe startup performance issue populating this node  (scans the entire workspace regardless of size).
Although this was done on a background thread, if still slowed overall statup performance, and was deemed severe enough to change the behavior
to laziliy search for webservices after users expand the tree node.  We needed to make this node visible to do this.

- Chuck

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[wtp-dev] Web Services node in the Project Explorer





In the last I-build, I have noticed new node in the Project Explorer - "JSR-109 Web Services".
I know that users can hide it from the Customized View dialog and I suggest that adopters can do this by default.
But I am wondering what is the purpose of this node and isn't it some kind of reviving of look and feel from WTP 1.0?

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