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RE: [wtp-dev] Nominating Kaloyan Raev as committer for JEE - Again!


Kaloyan's patches, comments and bug reports have all shown thorough
technical analysis and careful attention to detail; he will definitely
be an asset to the project.


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Subject: [wtp-dev] Nominating Kaloyan Raev as committer for JEE - Again!

Apologies to fellow committers - pity that is not
ready for a voting process.  I realized it after the arrow left the bow.
So, we will go back to our old ways and ask for JEE committers to vote
for Kaloyan on the wtp-dev list.

This is an invitation to all JEE committers to vote for Kaloyan.


Kaloyan Raev (kaloyan.raev _ at_ a member of the SAP NetWeaver
development team (WTP Adopter) in their Sofia labs, and has been a great
contributer to WTP. He has been working with us in shaping up JEE5,
creating requirements, contributing implementations and patches, and
always providing very helpful feedback as an early tester of bleeding
new functionality. 

Kaloyan is an example of a great contributor for more than a year.  He
reported bugs, contributes tests and patches to many of the WTP
components including servers, releng, JEE and web projects. He will  be
a great addition the WTP.  I've reviewed and committed several of his
patches and they have all been top quality.

WTP committers, please join me with a +1 to vote Kaloyan as a WTP

Some examples of Kaloyan's great work:
-Member of the JEE5 working group
-44 bugs submitted to bugzilla
-34 Patches
-65 bugs had feedback from him including screen shots, test data and
JUnit tests

Naci Dai,

eteration a.s. 
itu teknokent ari-1 25
Maslak, Istanbul 34469

+90 (533) 580 2393 (cell)
+90 (212) 328 0825 (phone)
+90 (212) 328 0521 (fax)

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