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[wtp-dev] JEE Related Schemas (finally) distributed in WTP

It may not be the oldest IPZilla (but the three older one's have all been closed as invalid :)

Beginning this week, the JEE related schemas and dtds will be in WTP builds.
The most obvious difference will be that the "accept license to cache" dialog should
no longer pop up.

I'm sending this note to this general wtp-dev list since we are adding this plugin very late in
the RC0 cycle so would appreciate if everyone could confirm it works correctly and
contains everything expected.

I named the plugin
And put the plugin into cvs at
It is built as part of the jst web core feature

I do leave the plugin "jarred" and all seems to work correct ...
for the tiny bit of testing I've done. But, I'm not sure, we may
have to put "platform:" in some of the URIs.

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