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[wtp-dev] New Axis2 Web services tools in WTP 2.0


Please note that the Axis2 [1] Web services runtime is now supported by the Web services tools in this week's WTP 2.0 integration driver.  You can now create bottom-up, top-down Axis2 Web service and  Axis2 Web service client using the Web services tools that is currently in WTP.

This is the result of the initial contribution by WSO2 [2] to integrate Axis2 into WTP (RFE 165664) [3] and includes the following RFEs:

- 168762 - Create Axis2 bottom-up and top-down Java Web service. [4]
- 172186 - Create Axis2 Web service client. [5]
- 168765 - User-specified Axis2 runtime location. [6]
- 168766 - Adding Axis2 facet. [7]
- 168937 - Axis2 preference page. [8]

Please refer to the "Axis2 integration in WTP" wiki [9] for more information on the ongoing Axis2 integration effort and for RFEs being considered for post-WTP 2.0.

Two new Axis2 Web services tools tutorials have been created under the Web Services tutorials section in the WTP Web site:

- Creating bottom-up Axis2 Web service [10]
- Creating top-down Axis2 Web service [11]

In addition, a Webinar "Introduction to Web services tools in WTP" [12] will be held on May 3 at 3:00 pmGMT (11:00 EST).  This would include a demonstration of the Axis2 Web services tools.


Thanks goes to Lahiru Sandakith for making the contribution and for Sanjiva Weerawarana for supporting WSO2's contribution of Axis2 tools into Eclipse WTP!


Kathy Chan
Rational Java Web Services, IBM Toronto Lab
D3-354, D3/R8V/8200/MKM, 8200 Warden Avenue, Markham, Ontario, Canada, L6G 1C7
kathy@xxxxxxxxxx, (905) 413-3022, tieline: 969-6038, fax: (905) 413-4920

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