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Re: [wtp-dev] Can not create Dynamic Web Project

You're, unfortunately, not the first person to run into a problem like this. See

I was able to reproduce this problem on one OS and fixed that specific problem but have not been able to reproduce it on others. There are two work arounds that can help you immediately.

1. Add the J2EE schemas and DTDs to the XML catalog. Richard Mah wrote a nice tutorial about using the XML catalog that can be found at

The J2EE 1.4 schemas can be found at
The J2EE 1.3 DTDs can be found at
The J2EE 1.2 DTDs can be found at

2. There is a way to suppress the license dialog (that is used for WTP testing). See comment #3 in bug 147786

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[wtp-dev] Can not create Dynamic Web Project


       I am using Debian Etch on AMD 64. I downloaded eclipse +
Callistro (64 bit version) from The installation is
success. Now I try to create a synamic Web project. I successfully
able to specify project name and my target and when I click finish a
dialog popup requesting me to accept a license for web xml schema.

       The license opens up in Fire fox but in the dialog only the
dis agree button remain enable. There is no scroll bar in the firefox
window. Now since I unable to agree on the license I can not create
the project. On clicking dis agree whole eclipse frezzes up and only
solution is to kill it.

       I had the same problem on SuSe 10.1 also. Please help me I am
stuck with the problem for months. I did googling but found nothing.

Thanks in advance
Anirban Biswas.

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